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Empowering teens.
Supporting parents. Leading by example.

We support parents and teens to build confidence and grow toward better, happier relationships. Get coaching and actionable resources to powerfully transform your connection with your teen.

What is The Action Effect?

The next generation is facing an endless array of rapidly evolving global challenges that society is not equipping them to solve – this needs to change.


Our mission is to empower tweens and teens to have clear direction, focus, and achieve high levels of success in all areas of life. 


We equip young people to approach life’s biggest moments with confidence, clarity, character, and curiosity by making incremental improvements in every area of life.  We believe that it's easier to ACT your way into successful thinking than THINK your way into successful acting. That’s The Action Effect.


Hey! I'm Will!

The personal development enthusiast, former D1 athlete, dog obsessed, travel loving, impact-driven life coach based in Fort Collins, Colorado. I coach teens and parents around the world, helping them develop unshakeable confidence and indestructible character so they can take action on living to their fullest potential.


On top of striving to change the world through the next generation, you can catch me outdoors with my Australian Shepherd, hopping between local coffee shops, or dreaming of becoming a dad. I'm excited you're here - and I can’t wait to support you!

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How We Help You Take Action!

Get coaching, workshops, courses, a vibrant parent community and more - we’re here for you


Connect with parents just like you and get LIVE support so you can better support your teen!

Courses & Workshops

Coach Will guides parents to help you connect with your teen and inspire their confidence and move into action!


Our flagship Group Coaching helps teens around the world skyrocket their confidence, and achieve their goals!


Give yourself a daily boost and wear your confidence with pride. The Action Effect merch is coming soon!


The Connected Parent

FREE 5-Day Parenting Challenge!

Looking for a better way to connect with your teen?
Need some new strategies to get them to listen to you? This is one challenge you’ll love to take on…

Raising a teen? Raise your hand if you...

🤔 Are struggling to help your child achieve confidence and motivation

🌱 Want to equip yourself with the know-how to become the best parent for your child

❌ Feel like your child has low self-esteem and it's getting in the way of their potential

🔥 Worry that your high-achiever is not challenged enough and losing motivation

💔 Know they're being bombarded with negative self talk and it breaks your heart to see

🙅‍♀️ Feel helpless seeing them succeeding but putting so much pressure on themselves

👀 Try to help, but they don’t want to listen because you’re mom or dad

😥 Worry you're doing it all wrong and totally messing up your kid

💚 Want to be a safe space for your kid to open up and actually tell you stuff

We get it. And you are NOT alone. Coach Will has worked with hundreds of families over the last four years and knows the frustrations of parents who just want to see their child thriving.


The good news is that it is possible. Your teen can overcome underconfidence. They can learn to manage their time and improve motivation. They are capable of moving past failure and building self-trust and courage.


We give parents the tools to inspire a positive change in their families while empowering young people to live more confident and purpose-driven lives.

Here's what parents are saying:



Mom, B.C., B

“The behavioral and attitudinal changes we've seen in my son since he started working with Will are remarkable and I wouldn't trade them for anything! Will has a tremendous gift and will undoubtedly be a positive force in everyone's life he reaches!"



7th Grade, Kansas

"Will has had had such a huge positive impact on my life, and I'm really grateful for his mentorship and our calls. He's super helpful and friendly, and I always look forward to our meetings. Thank you for being an awesome person and coach, Will!  I love learning about confidence and motivation from you!"



Dad, England

"My wife and I can see our children's new-found confidence, it has shot through the roof! The results we have seen in the last few months with both my kids is entirely worth our investment. Will and his coaching are the real deal.”



Mom, California

“I'm seeing a difference in my son’s whole demeanor-less negativity & anxiety & more confidence & happiness. Your coaching is helping all of us. We're grateful & hopeful."



Dad, Colorado

"I really believe that this builds a foundation for their future successes, how they speak to themselves. I love that negative self-talk is a big thing that Will teaches because learning to program your brain the right way now, is the best way instead of reprogramming it like a lot of us have to do as adults."



12th Grade, Boston

"Since having started with Coach Will, I've seen my confidence skyrocket! I've learned so many techniques for self-discipline and time management that have translated into my school success and every day life!"



Mom, Texas

“The last 6 months have been so transformative for our son and for our family I wish that I would have had a coach like Will when I was a teenager. I think that working with Will really sets teens up to go up into the college and adulthood with a level of self-confidence that I know that I didn't have growing up.”



11th Grade, Nevada

"Today was my first day in a year and a half going to CrossFit. I don’t think I’ve given you enough credit for what you have done for me. Your words and your exercises have helped me gain the courage to go up and start making a change, a REAL change.”

Looking for a better way to connect with your teen?
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